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Young people empowering themselves through music


Young people and teachers need learning environments geared for empowerment. So we help leaders improve cultures and systems.

AIM Management & Specialists

This core team leads on the purpose, design, delivery and impact measurement of AIM’s programs, to further the foundation’s core aims and objectives.


The AIM board is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the AIM Foundation.


AIM Advisors provide expert thought-partnership in key areas - including in music, education and impact - that help AIM further our mission.

Program Leaders

Program Leaders are executive, artistic and pedagogical experts running music for social action programs around the world.


Firebirds are pioneering teachers developing the art of teaching as part of AIM’s core program - the Firebird Fellowship.

Young People

Young people in music for social action programs are experts in the field who actively shape our practice.


AIM’s partners bring complementary expertise to our endeavours and are dedicated to collaborative efforts for better ecosystems and actions.

AIM Team

Fiona Cunningham - Director

I lead on AIM's direction and culture to further our collective mission. Music matters, great teaching matters - young people deserve both.

Nathaly Ossa - Head of Programs

I ensure the smooth running of AIM programs so our people can bring their best every time. I'm committed to change through musical and social initiatives that empower communities.

Elisa Sologni - Participation Manager

I believe together we are better. I work as a cultural consultant for the Hilti Foundation and co-founded El Sistema Greece.

Eric Booth - AIM Specialist

I bring four decades of work with artists who yearn to use their gifts and good fortune to advance possibilities to the laboratory of AIM.

Richard Mannoia - AIM Advisor

Richard weaves artistry, education, and research to create innovative and equitable teaching practices to center expression, creativity, and joy for all music learners.

Pablo Millanes - AIM Specialist

As the Global Head of Corporate Partnerships for Teach for All, I share a lifelong commitment to educational equality with the AIM team.

Emma Oliver-Trend - AIM Specialist

I am Artistic Director of Orchestras for All (UK), and am passionate about helping music teachers hone their practice to empower their students.

Andrés Chavarría Giraldo - AIM Graphic Designer

Andrés likes to play with shapes, colors, images, ideas and words that help to enhance all that AIM has to say and do for the world.

Paloma Udovic Ramos - Fellowship Manager

Paloma has always focused her efforts on the intersection of the arts and social justice, with particular focus on music education, community building, and youth empowerment.

Carroll Wallace - Communications Manager

I connect people with like-minded visions using words, strategic creativity and inclusive collaboration.

Sonia Ziadi Trives - AIM Fixer

Combining my passion for creative problem-solving and my deep love for music towards a greater purpose, I strive to make a positive social impact.

Our Board

Christine Rhomberg - Chair

Christine is Director for Community Arts & Culture at Hilti Foundation, bringing her longstanding support for the field of music for social action to initiate AIM.

Julia Sanchez

Julia is the CEO of the Reina Sofía School of Music. Before, Julia was the COO at Teach First Spain and started her career in KPMG. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Werner Wallner

Werner is the Managing Director of the Hilti Foundation and Director for Economic Empowerment, bringing his finance and auditing expertise to AIM from roles including Senior Vice President Group Risk Management and Corporate Audit at Hilti Group.

Claudia Toni

From São Paulo, Claudia is a distinguished consultant in arts and culture and an expert in cultural policy: 'Music is part of our humanity. It needs to be done by everyone and for everyone. And for this purpose I have dedicated my work and my energy.'

Johannes Matt

Johannes is a Hilti Foundation board member, bringing legal expertise and governance guidance to AIM.

Key Contributors

Acción por La Música - FAR Lab 2021

Barrios Orquestados - FAR Lab 2022

Brass for Africa - FAR Lab 2022 & 2023

BSO Orchkids - FAR Lab 2021

Dream Orchestra - FAR Lab 2021

El Sistema Greece - FAR Lab 2021

Fundación Nacional Batuta - FAR Lab 2023

Iberacademy - FAR Lab 2021 & 2022

NEOJIBA - FAR Lab 2022 & 2023

NUCLEO - FAR Lab 2021

Orquestra Geração - FAR Lab 2021 & 2022

Paterson Music Project - FAR Lab 2022

Reina Sofia School of Music - FAR Lab 2022 & 2023

Sinfonia por el Peru - FAR Lab 2022 & 2023

Sistema Cyprus - Fire Up! 2022 & FAR Lab 2023

Superar Austria - FAR Lab 2021

Peabody Preparatory of the Johns Hopkins University - FAR Lab 2023

Youth Orchestra Los Angeles - FAR Lab 2023

Our Partners

Community Arts Network (CAN)

Domestic Data Streamers

Empieza por Educar

Global Leaders Program

Ilumina Music

IOD Parc

Take Note

Hans Schwörer-Stiftung

Our Advisors

Werner Binnenstein
Joseph Conyers
Mark Gillespie
Reuben Moore
Fran Sanderson
Karen Zorn

AIM Thanks...

Marin Alsop
Nathan Amaral
Simi Ambass
Egbert Appel
Yazmany Arboleda
Johann Baar
Beatrix Bättig-Staud
Samar Bandak
Anis Barnat
Stuart Barr
Nicola Benedetti
Emily Beynon
Antje Blome-Müller
Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer
Felipe Bueno
Monique Cabral
Tim Casswell
Ricardo Castro
Sorcha Coller
Isabela Leiva Costa
Jessica Cottis
Andrea Creech
Romain Croche
Katrina Damigos
Amanda Dagnino
Ben Darmanin
Roz Devile
Louise Dorner
Gustavo Dudamel
Barbara Ellmann
Natalie Frakes
Michèle Frey-Hilti
Guillem Gafaell
Enrico Galli
Laura Gardiner
Matthias Gillner
Sascha Goetzel
Kristy Goh
Roberto González-Monjas
Katharina Gruber
María Guerrero
Rodrigo Guerrero
Luise Heidenreich
Michael Hilti
Nathan Hughes
Gabriel Iscuissati
Alexi Kenney
Amy Kirkland
Hazal Kol
Jennifer Latrobe
Bruno Lima
Eleni Liora
Heike Loaker
Joanna Massey
Anthony McGill
Juan Mendoza
Marco Meyrat
Inés Monjas
Santo Scala Mora
Guilherme Moraes
Beatriz Morilla
Johannes Moser
Robin Müller
Tai Murray
Cesar Ore
Ena Pervan
Maressa Portilho
Pooja Pradeep
Mike Repper
Jimmy Rotherham
Aaron Salazar
Bastien Sannac
Clemens Schedler
Simon Schellnegger
Ronan Scolard
Quinn Simpson
Roland Stieger
Carlo Taffuri
Laura Tamayo
Maria Helena Tamayo-Tobon
Pete Tashjian
Dan Trahey
Elena Urioste
Bram van Sambeek
Valerie Uhlig
Franka Verhagen
Esther Viñuela
Sharon Watson
Emily Webb
Truda White
Gerald Wirth
Franziska Wizany
Yeliz Yalin Baki
Pedro Zenteno
Jennifer Stumm

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